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Micro and Mini USB Port Pen drive Spy Audio Recorder Voice Activated Hidden Recorder – 8GB

Model: SC-8G-Mini
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Model: SC-8G-Mini


1. Built in rechargeable 90MAH lithium battery
2. Support 9 hours of continuous recording after a full charged and 5 hours continuous playback time
3. 32-192KBps recording bit rate optional
4. Extremely strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance
5. Connected with computer and Android phone: Compatible with almost all the computer system and Android phone(OTG function),include Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10-10.14

Product usage:

Connected with both computer and Android phone
Not only connected with your computer as a U-Disk. (Compatible with Mac OS computer and Windows computer)
But also support connected with your Cellphone(OTG function),
* Play recordings on your phone
* Browse files on your phone
* Only support Android phone

Please read this manual before use for correct operation. For better service, product functions and accessories may be subject to change without further notice. The product appearance depends on the goods in kind.

Description of product use:   
If the interface of your Android phone is Type-C, you could check the promotion to get the Micro USB to Type-C adapter

Use of Functions

1. Power switch:

Turn power switch to the “ON” position with no headset plugged in. After the light flashes 3 times, the recorder enters the working state. With the earphone plugged in, turn the power switch to the “ON” position, voice recorder will play the recordings, accompanied with flashing red light, or MP3 music files, accompanied with flashing blue light. In the recording state, turn the power switch to “OFF” to save the recording, disable all operations and the power is disconnected at this time.

2. Volume +/Next:

When the earphone is plugged in and working, short press the button “+” to move to the next song, and long press to increase volume.

3. Volume -/ Switching-over (Multi-function button): When the earphone is plugged in and the “9 working, short press button to switch over between recording and MP3 music file, or long press the button to reduce volume.

4. Earphone jack: When the power is switched on, the product will be in the recording state if earphone is not plugged in, and in the playback state if earphone is plugged in.

5. Indicator: The red indicator light flashes 3 times and then automatically goes out and the product enters the recording state. When the recording space is filled, the product will shut down after the red indicator light stays on for 5 minutes. Red indicator light will keep flashing when the product is in the playback state; the product will shut down in the low-power state after the red indicator

6. Dual USB interface:

7. Parameter Setup: (VOR), bit rate (BIT), gain (GAIN), recording time part (PART). light flashes 10 times; the red indicator light is always on when the product is being charged and goes out after the product is activated on, the larger number sensitive will be. Fully charged.

Time setting: A number in the format of Support OTG function of devices externally “TIME: 22:55 2021/4/21” will appear in the file. Set connecting to MICRO port. The time and date manually according to the format of the file, or select the content after you can attach a sling or strip to the hanging the colon and refresh quickly using F5 (only hole to prevent it from falling or losing. applicable for operating systems above WIN1O), then the time setting is completed.

After connecting to a computer, open the e VOR setting: The default voice number 0 removable disk, as shown below, to find and means that there is no voice control open the TXT file named “User Config” by recording. The voice control level provides double-click and set the recording parameters, 1-7 numerical options, beyond which it is including the time (TIME), voice control invalid. If there is no sound from the outside, the recording will be paused. If any outside sound is detected, the recording will be restarted. The larger the number, the smaller the decibel of sound detection and the more sensitive the sound control will be.

BIT setting: 1-4 corresponds to 32kbps, 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps respectively, and it is 4, 192kbps, by default.

GAIN settings: 1-7 are optional; the larger the number, the greater the sensitivity of the microphone, and the louder the recording sound. It is 7 by default.

Recording time PART setting: In order to prevent the failure to save recording files under emergency, users can set the safest recording segmentation by themselves during long-term recording, which can be set at any time frame from 10 minutes to 240 minutes.

Disclaimer: Users must back up their data during use. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal data caused by software, hardware mic operation, product maintenance, replacement or other unexpected situations, nor shall we be liable for any other indirect losses arising therefrom, let alone any legal and compensation disputes caused by the use of this product.


1. Do not impact the host and machine accessories. i=
2. Do not put the product in water or other liquids.
3. Please avoid direct light or heating appliances, and the product’s lithium battery must not be exposed to overheating.
4. Keep away from strong magnetic fields and electric fields (such as credit cards, transportation cards, etc.)
5. When using a power adapter to supply power, consumers should purchase a power adapter (SVDC

1A) that has obtained CCC certification and meets the standard requirements (GB8898; GB/T 13837; GB17625.1).

6. It is forbidden to use this product in illegal ways.

7. The user shall not replace the battery of this product without permission. Replacing the battery with one of the wrong types may cause an explosion. Be sure to dispose of the used battery according to the instructions.

8. Please sort and properly dispose of waste packaging, batteries, and old electronic products.

1. One-key recording, one-key saving.

2. Time stamp function. The recording file is named after the recording time.

3. Recording time: with continuous recording time up to 9 hours and continuous playback time up to 9 hours

4. Recording format: WAV

5. Music format: MP3/WAV/WMA °

6. 4GB continuous recording time is about 44 hours

7. Sampling rate: 48KHZ

8. Bit rate: 32kbps-192kbps

9. Body Size: about 60mm*21mm*9.5mm

10. Weight: 14g


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