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Welcome to Spy Camera India!

We are a team of experts that you can put your trust on. Here at Spy Camera India, our expert team members are involved in the designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling parts. We are solely focus on creating solutions that can meet the evolving safety and surveillance needs of our diversified customers. For the last many years, we are a topnotch company in the company for availing of the best surveillance and spy gadgets.

We are highly trusted by our valuable customers. Our solutions are loved and highly preferred by not just the government officers, media professionals, private detectives but by the common people as well. We are a team that is led by industry’s top safety consultants, technicians, designers, and engineers.

What Sets Spy Camera India Apart from Others?

We are different and better in many ways from several other competitors in the market. The following are the points that set us apart from other options in this industry:

  • With experienced team members by our side, we ensure hard work, passion, and dedication is every offering.
  • All of our products are well tested and tried before showcasing in front of the customers. This is done so that you always have a powerful safety tool in your hand.
  • We do not only retail the out of the box gadgets. Instead, we create and design new concepts keeping the growing market needs.
  • Be it a single unit or a bulk manufacturing, our expert team can design and develop any quantity on request without delaying anything.
  • If you think that we only work when bulk order received, then you are wrong. It is because we also have a huge stock in our warehouse. We do this so that we can meet different delivery requests promptly.
  • We are not only experienced but our skilled and knowledgeable team members always help our clients in making a wise choice. Whether it is about personal safety, keeping workplace safe, monitoring of a nanny, or preventing vehicles from snoopy eyes, we are capable of helping you from a number of ways.
  • So far, we have served hundreds and thousands of customers. These customers were (and are) not only officers but they are students, housewives, working professionals, and common men. Simply put, we are satisfying the safety and surveillance and other related needs of every person.
  • We never force our customers to pay before getting a device. If you are shopping with us online, we have Pay on Delivery option. It means you can place your order and pay for it once it is at your doorstep. But yes, we also have other payment modes i.e. UPI, online banking, debit/credit card, or cash. All our payment gateways are highly secured and keep all of your banking and personal details absolutely safe.
  • Forceful marketing is not our cup of tea. Rather, we ask our customers to come to our Delhi-based office and see the products free demo first. They can also explore different options. You are free to decide after seeing the demonstration of the products.
  • Lastly, we are here to provide you with what exactly you need as per your needs. We do this through our bespoke solutions. It means if you like a product but do not need (or need) certain features, you can easily alter it as per your needs. The cherry on the cake is that we generally do not ask for an additional charge for this work.

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Explore the Most Diversified Range of Safety Tools at Spy Camera India

We are Spy Camera India. But it does not mean that we only deal in spy cameras. We have various categories on our official website cum online store. Each category is professionally crafted and has a wide range of hand-picked devices. Currently, we are offering products under the following:

• Spy Cameras

In this section, we have the widest collection of spy cameras. Most of our products look as similar as to the normal gadgets. This is why our devices are quite useful for safety, security, and surveillance. When you see the range closely, you will find spy wall painting camera, spy photo frame camera, spy smoke detector camera, and so on.

• Wireless Cameras

When you need spy gadgets that are free from complicated wiring and hassled installation, you can get the wireless cameras. As the name suggests, this category will have options that run based on the internet or Wi-Fi. All cameras are battery-powered and small in size. Some popular options include spy pen camera, spy button camera, spy watch camera, spy eyeglasses camera, and so on.

• Audio Devices

To capture important discussions and conversations, you can make the best use of our latest collection of spy voice recorders or audio devices. These devices are quite effective when it comes to recording anything in the audio form covertly. A lot of options in our collection are very popular. This includes spy pen voice recorder, spy USB drive audio recorder, spy mini audio recorder, etc.

• GPS Tracking Devices

Whether you want to track your car, bike, kids, pet, or elderly person with a critical health condition such as dementia, our GPS category has options suitable for different needs. Apart from this, we have high-end devices that can keep a huge fleet of vehicles safe and secured. You can explore the range and customize a device as per your specific requirements.

• Spy Gadgets

In this category, you will get a chance to see some of the most unique and out of the world creations. These devices are crafted after a thorough research and market study. This is why you will have different types of useful spy gadgets in this particular category.

• Spy Software

When you want to do targeted monitoring, spy software and monitoring apps are the solutions. Here, at Spy Camera India, we are offering easy to use and affordable monitoring solutions. Our latest solutions can help you get accurate details of the targeted device. With this option, you can get to see the phone’s activities and related details on your device.

• Magic Cards

If you are someone who is bored with the available games, then you should try out magic cards. These cards are a fun. You can also use our magic cards’ range to learn magic tricks as well. Once you learn these tricks, you can participate in the different talent hunt shows or reality shows to earn name, fame, and money.

Who are Our Clients?

As mentioned above, we are delivering products to a wider customers’ base. Our products are highly suitable for those who are seeking hidden gadgets to keep them, their loved ones, and precious possessions safe and sound. At the moment, the following are our clientele:

  • News channels
  • Media houses
  • Businesses
  • Corporate houses
  • Government offices
  • Private detective agencies
  • Spy agents
  • Investigation agencies
  • Police officials
  • Army officers
  • Military officials
  • Colleges, schools, and educational institutions
  • Healthcare centers
  • Hospitals
  • Common laymen

Our Partner Companies

We are not operating alone in this market. Our sister companies are helping us grow and expand our reach. Currently, we are partnered with the following:

      • Spy World
      • Spy Shop Online
      • The Cross Road
      • Toqon
      • Spyapp King
      • Smart Shoppers

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We are in this market for the last many years. A lot of competitors are there but just to earn extra bucks, we never compromise with our ethical values. We also give full respect to the Indian laws that are associated with the uses of spy gadgets. Hence, we never offer anything that breaches or against the law.


Our mission is to become a top-notch company of the country that offers affordable and effective safety solutions. Along with this, we want to provide common laymen an easy access to safety tools and gadgets at affordable rates. With god grace, we are already doing this quite successfully. But we aim at doing it on a larger scale.


As a reliable provider of spy gadgets, we always provide our valuable customers with the options that are not only reasonably priced but effective. Not all expensive things are good – and this is what we believe. Our vision is helping us create safety gadgets that are effective but not expensive.


Spy Camera India operates on ethical values. We are trusted, honest, ensure prompt delivery, and provide exceptional support services. All these are available at pocket-friendly rates. These are a few factors that allow us to stand tall in such a crowded marketplace without any compromise on the quality and ethics.