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Spy pen Camera hidden Pen recorder DVR Voice listening device mini HD camera pen camcorder Silver Body

Model: Pencam Silver
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Model : Pencam Silver


This is such a multi-functional device that can help you write down things and record everything covertly. It looks like a normal pen that has a mini pinhole camera. It is of high-definition that ensures high-quality images and videos. You can also get the crystal clear audio recordings in the WAW format. Even though it is not a suitable option for those who want to use it for longer hours of recording, it is perfect for those who simply want to capture their suspect red-handed but at the accurate time. Another good thing about this device is that it is very lightweight that you can keep it in your pocket and go anywhere you want. Check out the following to know more:


Spy Pen Camera hidden Pen recorder DVR Voice listening device mini HD camera pen camcorder Silver Body: This is a stylish, modern, and smart writing pen camera which offers amazing and high definition video recordings, crystal clear audios, and high-quality images. This device is equipped with a hardly noticeable DVR which provides you with the easy and direct access to the settings of the device. When this device is working, the microphone embedded in this device is capable of capturing the sounds distance several feet away and with the view angle of 62 degree. This pen camera oozes craft not just an incredible pen to carry with you but a powerful spy camera with a voice recorder to ensure the safety of self or of your loved ones.


  • Higher Resolution: The device offers higher resolution to its users so that they can get the highest possible quality of the videos and pictures. Higher resolutions are quite necessary if you are using this spy camera to collect evidence against someone.
  • Different Storage Capacity: We offer different variants for storage capacity so that you can choose as per your precise needs. The idea of doing so is that if you need it for temporary purpose, there is no point in having a device with more storage. Additionally, it will also cost you a little bit more. So, there is no point in spending more when you can meet your needs with the version having less storage capacity.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Even though the battery power is not ideal for longer hours of recording, you can easily charge it and use it for shorter duration. It has a rechargeable battery that can be charged while device is working.
Function of the Camera Secret Recording
Pixels of the Camera 2.0 Mega Pixels
Type of the Camera CMOS Camera
Format of the Videos AVI
Resolution for the Videos 1980 x 1080
Coding for the Videos M-JPE
Rate of the Frames 30 frames per seconds
Picture Format JPG
Pixels of the Photographs 2560 x 1440
Audio Recording Format WAW
Operating Time 40-60 minutes once it is fully charged
Storage Capacity Depending on the variant chosen
USB Interface 2.0 (High Speed)
Battery Capacity 200 mAh
Capacity of the Power Adapter DC 5V
Type of the Battery Li-ON Rechargeable
Physical Weight of the Device Around 36 grams
Size/ Dimensions of the Product 14.5 cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm


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