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RF Spy Camera Detector and Wireless Bug Detector GSM Listening Device Finder Radar Radio Scanner

Model: SCI-SG-K18
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Model: SCI-SG-K18


Main feature

Set of professional radio wave detection, magnetic field detection, hidden wired or wireless camera equipment detection, multi-function detection as one of professional senior detector

With high sensitivity, wide adjustable range, wide detection frequency.

Simple operation, easy to carry, sound and light vibration alarm function. can detect mobile, Unicom, Telecom 2G,3G,4G band mobile phone SIM card bug, GPS locator

Can detect 1.2G to 5.8G wireless camera equipment

Can detect standby state magnetic locator, bug

LDE laser technology can detect the standby state of the wireless or wired camera equipment

K18 Advanced adopts the advanced technology of Germany, is used for kinds of Bug, car tracker, wireless pinhole camera, Mobile phone undercover software instrument for Casino scam and so on. The function can meet Military/police surveillance. lt can detect Electrical source, so will prevent you and your family from the damage of Electromagnetic radiation. lt adopts digital receiving mode, the difference from other detectors, one widens the detection Frequency domain, avoid the disturbance from clutter Signal of life .second is improved the sensitivity, the advantage is that no matter how strong signal transmitting, can easily locate it by adjusting knob So It is the most advanced portable wireless signal detection equipment. The normal wireless detector cannot detect CDMA signal, it is a radio frequency hopping technology, was called code division multiple Success, it is hard to detect; the reason is the small of transmitted power. So K18 Advanced is can accurately identify the CDMA mobile communication protocol of monitoring equipment.

Panel & function

  • The device is handheld, the top left antenna, the middle of the magnetic probe
  • The middle of the top right is the power-on indicator, it will be off when the power is low
  • Right for the sensitivity adjustment knob. Clockwise to strengthen counterclockwise to reduce the sensitivity.
  • Front of the special filter Window, azimuth dial, through the LDE laser technology and special filters to scan the hidden wired or wireless camera equipment.
  • Front center. The left M key for the mode button, MS lights for the mode indicator GS Lights for magnetic indication. The right button for the LED laser switch button.
  • Front lower 10 LED signal strength indicator, said the signal from weak to strong. Seventh level when the light starts to emit a “beep” sound or vibration.
  • The back of the LED laser light, LED flashing frequency can be controlled by long-press function keys.
  • The right side of the DC charging and charging indicator lights. Light charging, full after the lights off.


Boot clockwise knob to the maximum, “beep beep” ring, the machine into the test mode. The power indicator light is lit to indicate normal operation.

RF wireless signal detection

  1. Boot and turn the knob to the LED signal strength indicator light first, into the standby state (in a signal environment is unstable flashing lights or multi-level flashing state).
  2. If there is a strong environmental signal, the appropriate call back knob to no more than 4 lights, in order to achieve the best detection[12:07, 9/16/2020] Spy World: state. If the signal strength lamp reaches level 7, the vibrator or buzzer will work and the vibrator or buzzer will be in operation by pressing the mode (M) button. The longer the intensity indicator lights, the closer it is to the suspicious object, and the more you can find the suspicious device by changing the orientation or the machine around the call back knob.
  3. Due to the high sensitivity of the product, mobile base stations, TV broadcasts, and other signals are received everywhere in the urban area. Therefore, when searching Tor the tracker in the car, please drive the car to a place where the information number is weaker and carry it with your Mobile phones and other wireless transmission signal source equipment shutdown operation.
  4. If there are no suspicious objects in the room from time to time there are alarm action, which has the following possibilities:
  1. The body’s own communication equipment regularly and base station code.
  2. Suspicious things next door, or next door someone is calling.
  3. Too close to the wireless router.

Magnetic field signal detection

Press Mode (M) for 3 seconds and the magnetic field (G5) indicator lights up to enter the magnetic field Signal detection standby. The magnetic field sensor close to the magnetic field source, the probe front LED lights, the vibrator or buzzer will work, vibrator or buzzer working state by mode (M) button short press to select. The signal strength indicator will be all on, indicating a magnetic field near the probe or suspicious objects.

Camera detection

Explore hidden wired or wireless standby camera equipment. Press the arrow button, the LED lights up, long press to change the flashing frequency of LED lights, flashing frequency can be selected according to demand, through the LED laser technology and special filter scanning invisible camera, through reflective highlights to determine the location of invisible wireless camera equipment.

Car strong magnetic detection instructions

Magnetic positioner, bugging device used for cars, the adsorption position is not visible at the car or hidden inside the car due to the installation of magnetic devices away from the metal surface and the body surface metal and the car has certain space isolation, It is not recommended to directly detect the magnetic field outside the body.

It is recommended that in the car, the bottom of the car or opens the car before and after the cover, the magnetic probe near the area to be probed, the district grid close exploration, you can easily find the strong magnetic adsorption equipment.

Frequency Range: 1MHZ-8000MHZ
Detection Dynamic range: >73DB
Detection sensitivity: <0.03mv (the main band)
Detection Range: 2.4G: 10 Square Meters (Standard 10mw)
1.2G: 15 Square Meters (Standard 10mw)
Mobile Band 2G,3G,4G signal 15 square meters
10 digital tube, buzzer, vibrator instruction
Power: Built-in 3.7V1000ma polymer lithium battery, full charge time 2.5 hours
Working current: b0-110mA Continuous working time: 4-5 hours
Material: ABS plus metal
Weight: 150g
Volume: 117 * 56 x 20mm


  1. Whether car or office is be installed wireless bugs or location tracking.
  2. Whether your cell phone is eavesdropping or abnormal (transmit when cellophane in stand-by mode without any reason)
  3. Whether there is the base station radiation around your working environment and residential buildings
  4. SMS send and receive signals, mobile internet, mobile phones switch and on phone.
  5. Detect the wireless network signals, mobile phone base stations and Wireless monitoring system.
  6. Whether do the harm to human body once Household appliances such as microwave ovens for leaks.
  7. Whether there is a suspicious wireless signals in the environment.
  8. Used for the hotel, the bathroom, hotel, entertainment, locker room or political authority, etc.
  9. Used for budiness negotiation, the school administers factories military facilities.
  10. Mah-jong table coincidence with the action of radio waves.
  11. Used for Mortgage cars, used cars, pawnshops, guarantee companies, small generation company, information financial companies, etc.

Special Note: Please use the original charger fully charged before use!


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