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Radio Wave RF GSM Device GPS Detector Radio Frequency Finder Lens Signal Anti Spy Detector

Model: SCI-SG-R35
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Model: SCI-SG-R35



  • To detect: Spy cameras, RF devices, Magnetism devices
  • Wireless detection distance: 5cm to 10 meters
  • Laser detection distance: 5cm to 10 meters
  • Detection frequency range: 1MHz to 6.5GHz
  • Battery: Built-in 650mAh lithium battery

Radio Wave RF GSM Device GPS Detector Radio Frequency Finder Lens Signal Anti Spy Detector: It is one of the devices that can effectively locate different types of radio frequencies including the spy camera lens. No matter how camouflaged or small the hidden object is, this radio wave RF GSM device GPS detector radio frequency finder lens signal anti spy detector is quite a perfect option. It comes with a one-touch ON & OFF button for easy and quick operations. It also has an indicator to identify and detect the hidden device within the premises. This device is a smart investment for businesses, travelers, and individuals as they can prevent your privacy against voyeurism.



It is a portable and highly convenient GSM and GPS device locator that can effectively work even when the device is off. This radio wave RF GSM and GPS detector device is very easy to use and light weighted. It is such a powerful option to detect various lenses, irrespective of the area where this device has been installed. It can be used in your home, office, hotel room, class, meeting hall, etc. This device is undeniably a perfect option for you to prevent your privacy.


Salient Features

It is such a feature-loaded device that can be used to protect your privacy. Some notable features of this device have been given here:


  • Detect Spy Cameras: This device can easily locate hidden cameras – be it wired or wireless. It is such a perfect option for you if you love to travel different places and often stay at the hotel rooms.
  • Wide Distance Coverage: When you see this device, you will not recognize that it is so powerful. And when it comes to the distance covered, it is between 5cm and 10 meters.
  • Laser Detection: This device can also be used for laser detection. It is so powerful that it can cover a distance of up to 10 meters.
  • Wide Coverage for Different Frequencies: It is something that makes this device more useful and powerful. By using this device, you can locate the frequencies from 1MHz to 6.5GHz.

Powerful Battery: If you need a device that can work for longer hours, then it is a perfect option. It has a powerful battery that is rechargeable too. It means you do not have to change it if it is discharged. Just put the charger on and that is it!

Detection Antenna Built-in FPC gold-plated antenna
Detection Sensitivity 6-leval gear adjustable
Detection Distance 5-10cm
Laser Detection Range 5-10cm
Detection Frequency Range 1MHz-6.5GHz
Battery Type Gel Polymer
Battery Capacity 650mAh
Type of the Charging Interface Android Standard Interface
Charging LED Indicator YES
Working Temperature -20 to 50 degrees
Working Humidity 20% to 80%
Size of the Device 114mm x 40mm x 10mm
Total Weight 195 grams


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