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Portable Spy Camera Car Key Remote Hidden Camera Recorder DVR

Model: BMW
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Model : BMW


When you need a highly advanced but normal-looking device, no other option is better than this portable spy camera car key remote hidden camera recorder DVR. Even though the device has a unique design, no one will ever be able to identify if there is a spy camera installed. This multi-purpose and multi-functional device can be used for safety and surveillance. Read the following to learn more about this outstanding and feature-loaded device.


Portable Spy Camera Car Key Remote Hidden Camera Recorder DVR: It is an amazing spy camera that conceals a fabulous and powerful pinhole camera along with a voice recorder. Embedded in a normal-looking car key remote, you can use it without worrying about getting caught by others. All you need to do is just push the ON button and that is it! Integrated with adequate storage capacity along with a strong battery, you can record continuously for so many hours with this device once it is fully charged. It also has a microphone that can help you cover a wide area. Simply put, it is just a magnificent device that you can use for monitoring and safety purposes.


  • High Definition Camera: We are living in an era where having an HD or high definition camera is a must. Spy Camera India also understands this. And this one of the reasons why most of our cameras including this car key remote camera is having an HD camera so that you can get excellent quality videos and images.
  • Multifunctional Device: If you think that this spy camera can only be used for covert operations, then you are WRONG! We have designed this device in a way so that you can use it for monitoring as well as for the safety of self, loved ones, and precious belongings. You just need to put the device where you want to keep your eyes on and that is it! It can be used at home, workplace, vehicle, or even by an individual as a wearable accessory.
  • Night Vision: Have you ever wondered what if your spy camera is unable to record at night time or when there is low to no light at all? All your investment will go in vain. So, as a solution, we have provided the night vision function in this device. It means you can easily use this device indoors as well as outdoor to capture everything around without worrying about the lighting conditions.
  • Instant Environmental Adaptation: A good spy camera is one that can instantly be adapted as per the environmental conditions. And this is one of such options that you can use at any place and at any climatic condition.
  • Storage Saving Mode: This is yet another amazing feature of this device. It has the feature that will help the device start capturing only when there is any movement or action. If there is nothing happening, the device will be in sleep or standby mode. This function is known as motion detection which is highly needed in the devices of the present era to make sure storage saving.
  • Unique Design: The design of this device is quite amazing. It looks like a normal car key remote but has a pinhole camera inside. Due to its exceptional design, you can use it for covert operations or secret recordings.
Format of the Videos AVI
Resolution for Videos 720 * 480
Camera Picture or Camera Pixels 5.1 Mega Pixels
Video Frames per Second 30 frames per second
Type of the Camera Pinhole and Fixed camera
Type of the Battery Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery
Capacity of the Battery 300 mAh
USB Interface 2.0
Camera Dimensions 13.5 x 5.5 x 2.0 cm
Total Weight of the Device 209 grams or 7.3 oz
Package Includes 1 x Spy car key camera

1 x USB cable

  1. x Instructions booklet/ manual book


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