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HD WiFi mini sport DV Spy Camera 1080p with Night Version Micro DVR Remote Control Motion Sensor Cam

Model: H8-Wifi
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Model : H8-Wifi


HD Wi-Fi Mini Sport DV Spy Camera 1080P with Night Vision Micro DVR Remote Control Motion Sensor Cam: It is a generic looking spy camera that is ideal for capturing the suspicious behavior of your employees or servants working in your home, particularly caretakers of your child and elderly parents. By installing this stylish HD Wi-Fi mini sport DV spy camera 1080P with night vision micro DVR remote control motion sensor cam, you can also ensure the welfare of your loved ones and precious belongings. It comes with numerous amazing features that are needed to quash or confirm your concerns. This amazing spy camera also provides you with several hours of standby time so that you can use it for longer hours of recordings.


This professionally designed and hand built spy camera incorporates an excellent motion activated and night vision 1080P HD camera that can be used for surveillance to collect evidential proof for legal purposes. Just place this camera at the place where you want to keep your eyes on and that is it! You can use it at different places – thanks to its outstanding design and stylish look. This spy camera will provide you with the video footage, audio recordings, and pictures with date and time stamp. You can enjoy continuous and loop recording with this device. Check out following to know more:


  • High-Quality Footage: This is such a powerful spy camera that provides you with full HD videos and images with the resolution of 1080P. It is quintessential to get this quality because if you are spending your hard earned money, there is no use of the device if it is unable to deliver the best quality.
  • Amazing Camera: We have integrated a powerful spy camera of 12 mega pixels so that you can take clear photos. If you think that it can only be used for covert operations and surveillance purposes, then you are wrong. You can keep it in your bag while traveling and take photos and record videos. Later, you can transfer the same in your phone or PC.
  • Motion Detection: This is like a signature feature of our devices. We think that it is one of the most important and highly needed features so it should be there in all our spy cameras. With the help of this camera, you can save on battery as well as storage because this camera will start recording only when anything takes place nearby or within the surroundings. This is the best way to get clutter-free recordings.
  • Night Vision: It is yet another feature that we use in almost all our cameras. With the help of this function, you can capture no matter whether it is day or night, making it perfect for secret agents, detectives, journalists, and even avid travelers.
  • More Storage: This feature compliments the aforesaid one. We are saying this because no matter whether you camera is capable of capturing in the low light or not, it is not worthy if it has insufficient storage. Hence, we have eliminated this hassle by providing you with more storage so that you can record without worrying about anything.
Video Format AVI
Video Coding M JPEG
Video Resolution 1080P
Rate of the Video Frames 30 frames per second
Picture/Image Format JPG
Image Proportion 4 : 3
Capacity of the Battery 320mAh
Storage Capacity 64GB (SD/TF card is not included)
Charging Voltage DC 5V
Interface Type 8 Pin (mini) USB


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