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If you are looking for the smallest audio and video recorder, then no other option is better than this bat type spy pen camera with DVR and camcorder. The unique design of this device makes it highly useful and impressive option for covert operations, secret recordings, safety, and monitoring. In addition to this, the size of this device is so small that you can carry it in your pocket and keep a watch of everything. Look at the following for more:  


Bat Type Spy Pen Camera Hidden Pen Recorder DVR Listen Device Mini HD Camera Pen Camcorder: It looks like an ordinary pen but in actual; it is a professional voice recorder with a mini high definition camera. To make the best use of this device, just place this pen recorder in your pocket or simply leave it in a vehicle or room to capture secretly. Every video and audio captured by this device will be labeled with the date and time stamping. It has some of the greatest features that enhance the sound and video quality of the device. This is such a stunning option that you can own to capture everything without any hassle.



  • 100% New and Unique Design: There are different types and designs of spy cameras available in the market. Some of quite common and others are unique. And it is one of the finest examples of 21st century’s engineering. The device looks like a cricket bat but it is a pen that has a pinhole camera to record everything without the fear of getting caught by others.
  • Smallest Camcorder: Believe it or not but this bat type spy pen camera hidden pen recorder DVR listen device mini HD camera pen camcorder is regarded as the smallest camcorder at present. Even though it is small, do not get into the trap due to its size. We are saying this because it has a high definition camera to capture everything that comes within its range and in high-quality/ high resolution.
  • Amazing Resolution: As mentioned above, this spy camera is capable enough for capturing the videos and images in highest possible resolution even in the night time when there is no to low light (thanks to its night vision quality). This feature makes it even more useful and effective option for secret recordings. 
  • Longer Hours of Recording: The spy camera is having a rechargeable battery. You can fully recharge it and let the device work constantly for longer hours. If you are using it outdoor, then it is an ideal option as you are not required plugging it into the charger.    
  • More Storage: There is no point of having a powerful battery or a device will longer hours of recording if it does not have enough space to record the data. We understand this simple fact, hence you will get the storage capacity of up to 32GB with this device to record and save as much as data possible.
  • Inbuilt Mic for Clear Sound: We have integrated a powerful and highly sensitive mic in this device so that it can capture even the quietest sound.

Total Weight of the Device

63 grams

Sensor of the Image

2MP with Color CMOS

Camera View Angle

62 degrees

Storage Capacity

32 GB

Sound Activation


File Size of the Videos

2GB per 40 minutes

USB Support

2.0 and 1.1

OS Supported

Vista/ XP/ Windows 2000

Format of the videos


Resolution of the Videos

640 x 480

Video Frames

30 frames per seconds

Standby battery life

60 minutes

Power of the Camera

ON and OFF button

Battery of the Device

Li-on rechargeable battery

Capacity of the Battery

260 mAh

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